St Catharine’s College May Ball 2014

The theme of this year’s ball, the first at the college since 2010, was “Dionsyia” (named after an ancient Greek festival). This theme shone through in the choice of acts and music, although the entertainments were more modern – including zorbing and a roller disco. The main stage headliners Sigma were introduced by St Catz alumnae Sir Ian McKellen, who also attended the ball as a guest.

I was working at the may ball rather than going as a paid guest, but it was still fantastic to experience the atmosphere of the famous Cambridge may balls. Serving “Mac’n’Cheez” was a great excuse to test out the famed may ball cuisine (verdict: pretty standard food…) and kept me busy until the early hours of the morning, at which point we ran out of food. I was reassigned to one of the more relaxed posts at this time of night – the main entrance, where I checked tickets and wristbands, making sure no-one snuck into the ball. It was a nice opportunity to sit down for a while in the warm!

At 7am the sun was up and I joined in for the survivor’s photo – a tradition of most may balls where those still remaining until the end of the party take a group photo before they leave.

Overall it was a surprisingly enjoyable night and I am looking forward to working at or attending other may balls in the future.


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