We were particularly excited about visiting this city due to it’s location right on the border between China and North Korea – and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Dandong is one of the few places in China were it is possible to look across directly into North Korea as well as experience their culture and cuisine.


Broken Bridge

Our first stop was the iconic Broken Bridge. Previously linking the two countries together, it was partially destroyed by US bombs – leaving just the Chinese half of the bridge remaining. We walked along to the very end of the bridge, as close as it is possible to get to North Korea, and had a close up view of the mangled remains of the structure.

Cenotaph of the War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea

This rather interestingly named site contains a museum (sadly closed when we visited) and an impressive monument, as well as a collection of old military planes, tanks, guns and even a train. We got rather lost trying to find the entrance and accidentally ended up inside, not realising that the complex was closed for refurbishment, leading to a rather interesting exit clambering over the fence…

Hushan Great Wall

I had rather high hopes for this section of the wall, my guidebook having reported it as only partially restored and more authentic than those sections near Beijing – however it was a slight disappointment to find that it was rather heavily done-up (i.e. basically rebuilt). Despite that, it was fun to walk along, climb over the guard towers and admire the scenery. The great wall is definitely a must-see in China, so if you are not planning to visit any other sections and are nearby it’s worth a visit to tick it off the bucket list.


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