The Chinese don’t really celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday (their main holiday is Chinese New Year in February/ March), and so our classes (and even exams for some students!) continued as normal on the 25th December. Despite this, I had an enjoyable few days relaxing with friends and admittedly skipping a couple of classes to make it to Christmas lunch…

Christmas Eve

In the evening myself and several other international students volunteered to attend a Christmas dinner organised at a local restaurant for young Chinese students studying English. It was a lot of fun chatting to the kids and explaining how we celebrate Christmas in the UK, and was followed by some fun games such as pass-the-parcel. Once the students had left, my group of friends handed out our secret santa presents then headed out to the popular western club Myst for a party.

Christmas Day

Christmas morning didn’t have the usual festive atmosphere but opening my stocking presents (Mum had posted it from England!) and trying out all my gifts bought back some of the excitement of a British Christmas. We then headed out for lunch at an Italian restaurant in town with our group of friends, eating a rather non-traditional Christmas lunch of pizza… In the afternoon, my roommate and I went to the cinema to watch a Chinese film about grave robbers – not entirely sure what the plot was going on about but it was quite entertaining.

Overall, not a complete disaster but somewhat lacking the usual Christmas spirit…


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