Harbin – Temple of Bliss + Seven Tiered Pagoda

The Temple of Bliss in Harbin is one of the four most famous Buddhist temples in the North East of China. As an active temple, visitors are expected to be respectful and not disrupt the everyday work of the monks living there. That being said, you are still very welcome to wander around the main courtyard, halls, pagoda, etc. and take photos where appropriate.

Without a doubt, the major landmark at this temple is the Seven Tiered Pagoda, which stands over 30 metres tall. Just in front, a huge gold coloured Buddha statue forms the focus of the main courtyard, although we were slightly distracted by the large LED screen displaying videos of Chinese Buddhism right next to it.

The architecture of the buildings is quite reserved compared to some other Chinese temples, perhaps maintaining it’s traditional Qing dynasty style more faithfully than the more heavily restored temples found in Beijing.

Overall, a nice break from the hustle and bustle of the city as well as an insight into local Buddhism and culture.

Entrance fee: 10 RMB

Transport: public bus 92 (1 RMB)


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