While it seems a little done up for the tourists, this Ming Dynasty Drum Tower was originally built in 1380. Over the centuries it has of course been extensively restored, but still maintains its historic architectural features.

Traditionally, every Chinese walled city had a drum and bell tower. These helped to keen citizens aware of the time – in particular warning them of the start (drum) and end (bell) of curfew.


We climbed up several flights of stairs to admire the excellent views over the old city. There was also a collection of ancient and modern drums and apparently at certain times of day they put on performances of traditional Chinese instruments.

If you are on a tight budget however, I wouldn’t bother paying to go inside – from the outside you can admire the beautiful architecture, lanterns and modern drums. I would particularly recommend coming in the evening to admire the outside of the building, since it is all lit up with lanterns and LEDs.

Ticket: 35 RMB (or 50 RMB combined ticket with the Bell Tower)


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