Each year in Hong Kong a parade takes place to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Local groups of dancers, acrobats, floats, and even a rollerblading show proceed along the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui (Kowloon). My favourite has to be the dragon dancers, but a close second would be the lion dancers on stilts – pretty impressive balancing skills!


It was a surprisingly well organised event, with each group proceeding between fixed performance points (unfortunately we were almost exactly between two such points so only really saw the performers walking/ dancing past) led by marshals. During quiet moments, people came round handing out small goodie bags and boom sticks to entertain the audience, helping to create a very festive atmosphere.

Spectators are welcome to watch at any point along the route for free, or alternatively you can pay for grandstand seats (prebook – they sell out within a few hours!). Although the parade starts at 8pm, I would highly advise getting there at least half an hour early if you want a decent view.


3 thoughts on “Hong Kong – CNY Parade

    1. Hong Kong is amazing during CNY! We visited once when I was very young (year of the dragon I think) and again last year (monkey), and both times were amazing! The city really comes to life and there are all kinds of fun parades and events on 🙂

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