A short drive from Harbin, these hot springs made a lovely relaxing afternoon. I was invited along by my almost-adopted Chinese family with their daughter, apparently this is a very popular spot for locals despite the freezing weather!


The hot springs form part of a hotel-spa complex and have both indoor and outdoor pools. Hot water from the springs is fed into these man-made bathing pools, so (particularly inside) it does feel more like a standard swimming pool/ hot tub than natural hot springs (except for the lingering smell…). There were several kids areas too for Doris to enjoy playing on slides and climbing frames.

As well as simply relaxing in the various pools, we also had a “kissing fish” bath – where small fish nibble at the dead skin on your feet (or whole body if you dare to go all the way in!). I literally couldn’t stop giggling it tickled so much!

After being eaten alive by mini fish, we headed to the massage room for a traditional Chinese massage. Unalike the rather violent Thai massage I unwittingly subjected myself to the first time I came to China, this was much more gentle and relaxing.


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