The Genghis Khan Square, situated in the centre of the city, is a hub of both tourism and shopping. The main focal point is a tall statue of Genghis Khan himself astride a horse, with a paved square surrounding it. While we were visiting, a rollerblading class was taking place in the square – the local kids are surprisingly good!

In the immediate vicinity there are also a few other interesting attractions.

Horse sculptures

These horse sculptures depict Genghis Khan returning victorious from war in Europe and Asia, and are impressively large!


Sacred Tengrist Site

Although no longer used for worship, this sacred site was believed to join heaven to earth in order to allow shamans to pray to spirits for good harvests and favourable weather. Nowadays, in Hailaer this site is used for cultural festivals and provides an interesting insight into traditional Mongolian beliefs.


Genghis Khan Wall

A huge wall depicting the history of Genghis Khan stretches around a small enclosure just off the main square. Although slightly challenging to understand all the stories without prior knowledge of his life, it is interesting to see how he grew up, unified the Mongolian tribes, invaded Europe and Asia to form the largest empire in the world, then eventually was killed in battle.


Scenic Spot

This lovely small park contains a lake (complete with small peddle boats for kids), small botanical garden, pretty bridges, and tunnels. Although the area is small, the cleverly designed paths make it seem deceptively larger, creating a fun space to walk around and have a small breather from the city.



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