Although the name is a bit of a mouthful, this memorial park is an important site to visit in Hailaer to understand more about the history of the region, in particular of the Japanese invasion of the early 1900s.

Outside the park, a display of tanks and soldiers seems mainly there for photo opportunities and to entertain the kids, but the main attraction is the original tunnel network used by the Japanese invaders. The tunnels are incredibly well preserved, with some rooms laid out with bedding or utensils to demonstrate their original functions. This incredible underground fortress was built by slave labour and formed a core base of Japanese forces in the region until their defeat in 1945.


Additionally, don’t miss the small museum, which exhibits items found on the site or used during the war – including guns and soldier’s uniforms.

Overall, although not the most cheerful tourist site, this is a must-see to understand such an important part of the history of the region.


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