One of the friends I have made in Harbin invited a crowd of us to go along to his archery club for a fun afternoon after exams. Having never properly played archery before (not since a fun school trip in primary school) I was quite nervous I had to admit, but luckily I managed not to shoot anyone!

All equipment was provided and instructors were at hand to show us what safety equipment to wear, how to hold the bow properly and how to aim. Since this was out first time, we were only able to use the closest training targets – yet it was still very difficult. However, by the end of our hour or two practicing I had managed to hit the target maybe 10 times, some quite close to the centre!


The archery range we went to is located in the basement of a building opposite the Harbin Engineering University bus stop – quite a trek from HIT to make every week, but for a one-off trip it was only an hour or so away by bus.

Getting to know other students has been great not only in terms of socialising but also to find out about all these hidden gems in the city. Particularly when you are in a country where you don’t speak the local language very well, it can be quite challenging to find out about such places online – but friends are always more than willing to show you their favourite spots.


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