One of the main tourist sites to visit in Harbin during the summer has to be Sun Island, a small island not far from central street.

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We took the public bus from just outside HIT to sun island (1RMB), had a bit of a detour via the Science Museum, then made our way to the main park. As with most parks in China, there was a small entrance fee (30RMB for adults, 15RMB for students) which then enabled us to spend the rest of the afternoon exploring the park.

The park was a lovely place to explore, with plenty of flowers and sculptures to admire. It is split into several gardens with different themes and there were plenty of spaces to relax on the grass with a picnic. More adventurers souls than us may be up for enjoying the small theme park section (complete with rollercoaster and water slide). Walking around the park was easy enough, but plenty of other visitors were renting bikes or taking the official park golf-cart for a faster, more comfortable visit.

I enjoyed getting off campus and exploring one of the main sites in Harbin, but probably won’t be rushing back again soon – it was a little too crowded and quite a trek from the university for just hanging out in a park.



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