The Propaganda Poster Art Centre in Shanghai contains a fabulous collection of propaganda materials, mostly from the communist era. These provide a fascinating insight into the messages used to incite the Chinese people to follow Mao’s cause, as well as the motivations behind the cultural revolution and the lives of people at the time. Since many posters and propaganda materials have been destroyed, it’s incredible to find such a fantastic collection in a seemingly small museum. Non-Chinese speakers will also appreciate the captions and information in English and French.

I was particularly fascinated by the more cartoonish style of many of the posters, as well as the bold reds of the cultural revolution era works. Although many posters have a military theme, some depict more simple scenes of everyday people in the countryside – promoting the message that all the common people of China are the drivers of Mao’s revolution. It was also quite amusing to see the reactions of my American roommate to some of the anti-American posters!

As well as viewing the original pieces, visitors can also purchase prints, postcards and other trinkets in the store at very affordable prices.

It is a little challenging to find, hidden in the basement of building in the middle of an apartment complex. Once you get there, there is a small sign outside the door (pictured), but there are no signs to point you in the right direction from the street.

Ticket: 25 RMB
Address: Building B, 868 Huashan Lu, near Fuxing Lu (华山路868号B号楼, 近复兴西路)


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