Located in Shanghai’s Fengxian district, the Haiwan National Forest Park consists of wetlands and woodland developed to provide lovely walks and fun activities for visitors. I visited as part of a trip organised by the university and was surprised to find few other tourists there despite it being ranked an AAAA national scenic spot.

The park itself is huge – you could easily spend a day just walking along the pathways. To help you get around, there are golf-buggies (10 RMB/ trip) between the main attractions, or you can just stroll along the many well-maintained walkways. There are pretty pagodas and bridges dotted throughout the park as well as plenty of flowers, lakes and fields.

As cash-strapped students, we didn’t go on many of the attractions, which included horseriding, go-karting, boating and barbecues. There were also several food stalls around the park selling ice cream, fruit smoothies, kebabs and the like, although the purchase of a few shengjianbao (生煎包, a kind of fried dumpling) was a particular highlight for me!

We did unfortunately pick one of the hottest days of the year to go however – if you’re visiting in the summer I would highly recommend bringing an umbrella (for some shade), fan, and plenty of water.

Ticket: 50 RMB
Address: 1677 Suitanghe Road, Haiwan, Fengxian District


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