Located near the West Lake in Hangzhou, this tomb (also known as the Yue Fei Temple) is in honour of the national hero General Yue Fei. For most of his life, he was engaged in war against the Jin Dynasty – helping the Song Dynasty regain lost land and power.

However, he was falsely accused of conspiring against the Song Dynasty and killed in jail – only reinstated as a national hero over 20 years later by the Emperor Xiao Zong. This tomb was built in his memory, and as well as a shrine contains many statues, stone poetry tablets and gardens.

尽忠报国 – loyal (until death) and dedicated to serving the country
Incredible wall paintings capturing his many victories in war

Although the temple was pretty busy with lots of tourists, getting away from the main courtyard we managed to escape the worst of the crowds. There are plenty of smaller courtyards and mini gardens around the complex, each with different focal points – from inspirational quotes to poetry inscribed on stone tablets and statues of animals and people.

If you’re visiting the West Lake, it is worth visiting the Yue Fei Tomb to get a taste of local history and culture. Admittedly, the rather touristy atmosphere can be quite distracting however, so perhaps checking out less well known temples might be a good idea if you are travelling in peak tourist season or want more peace and quiet.

Ticket: 25 RMB


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