Like many ancient Chinese cities, Suzhou was once surrounded by a city wall. Sadly most of it has since been destroyed, however there are a few odd gates remaining around the city. After getting off the boat from a River Tour, I found myself mysteriously in front of one such gate – unfortunately I have no idea which one! If anyone does know, please do let me know in the comments below!

While it’s clear that much of the original structure has been rebuilt, it was great to see some of the original stone blocks at the base of the wall, with a clear difference in colour to the more modern bricks. Sometimes I am saddened by the constant rebuilding of historical monuments/ buildings I see in China, however in this case the new brickwork does help to give a better sense of the original structure (whereas a small pile of old stones/ rubble would probably have been ignored).

It was also nice to see locals just walking or cycling through the gate going about their daily business, making such a historic monument a genuine part of the modern city.


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