Probably the most famous garden in Suzhou, the Humble Administrators Garden (a UNESCO World Heritage Site) is centred around a small lake, upon which sit countless waterlilies. There are numerous cute pavilions and bridges around the garden, providing interesting features for the eye as well as some welcome shade and rest.


The garden is conveniently located just a short walk from the train station, making it easy to visit en route into town. Beware that some of the taxi drivers waiting immediately around the train station or outside the garden aren’t official – instead walk to the main road and wave down a taxi there, or simply walk to your next destination – Suzhou is surprisingly small.

However, personally I felt that my visit was somewhat ruined by the overwhelming numbers of tourists, particularly around the water features and pavilions. This made it almost impossible to just sit back and enjoy peaceful surroundings, instead at times I was being herded along by the crowds. The entrance fee is also very expensive compared to that of the many other beautiful (albeit less famous) gardens elsewhere in the city.


Ticket: 90 RMB


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