This lovely little street runs alongside a small river near the centre of Suzhou. Named a “cultural street” or “historic street” because of the typical ancient houses lining the street, there are also many modern features such as small bridges and mini pagodas – making it a very charming pedestrian street.


All along the street and down the small alleyways branching off from it, you can buy the usual tourist tat, local Chinese snacks or sit down meals in local restaurants.

I would say that although it is very picturesque, Pingjiang Street can feel rather touristy and commercialised. In particular, when I visited in the evening (admittedly during peak tourist season…) it was very crowded.

Although not a must-see in Suzhou, it makes a nice street to walk along if you’re passing through that way and feel like soaking up the vibrant atmosphere, eating some snacks or admiring the lights.


7 thoughts on “Suzhou – Pingjiang Cultural Street

    1. Me too! Pingjiang street was very cute, unfortunately also very busy! Interestingly I don’t think I’ve ever properly explored small streets etc. in Europe – whenever I’ve travelled in Europe it’s always just been for a very short period of time, see all the main sights in a city then leave 😦 I’d love to spend some more time exploring someday 🙂 Anywhere in particular you would recommend?


      1. What a question. I love that one. Italy and the south of france. They have the cute factor! Also towns in Germany. But I love the south and Greece aswell. The while mediterranen area!


      2. Ooh, so many places to visit haha! I remember a short visit to Italy with family several years ago, the old buildings were amazing! Ah, everyone says the South of France and Greece are both very beautiful and warm – definitely on my list! Thanks so much for the suggestions 🙂

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