As well as it’s beautiful gardens, Suzhou is also famous for the many small rivers and canals around the city. After a rather busy day travelling and walking around, I decided to explore the historic waterfront of Suzhou by boat – joining a river tour.

Pretty much every tourist information office in town will be able to point you in the direction of a river cruise, or alternatively just wander along the waterfront until you find a suitable boat – there will usually be someone with a poster and/ or microphone advertising their trip, pretty hard to miss! I didn’t notice any tours specifically in English though, but to be honest our guide didn’t say all that much of interest that wasn’t already in my guidebook so if you can speak enough Chinese to buy a ticket you’ll be fine.


It was rather lovely to see this city from a different viewpoint – the streets of Suzhou are rather dirty and dusty, but from the water it looks much more quaint and pretty. However, it wasn’t the most relaxing trip, since the boat driver seemed to be in something of a rush to get us up the river and back, while all the time our Chinese tour guide chatted continuously into the mic about the history of Suzhou, random buildings/ gardens of interest around us, etc. which got a bit annoying if I’m totally honest.

In conclusion, it wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t bother doing a river tour again.

Ticket: 50 RMB


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