This evening a group of other interns at I went to a local KTV – these are karaoke rooms very popular in China and other Asian countries. Essentially, you hire a room for a small group of friends, which comes with a Karaoke set (TV, mic, song picking screen, etc.) and often some snacks/ drinks too. Prices range greatly between venues, expect to pay anything from 30 – 300RMB / person for a decent KTV room, depending on the quality, group size, food/ drinks included, etc.


We had an absolute laugh – the great thing about KTVs being all in private rooms is that you’re not embarrassing yourself in front of an entire bar of people, instead friends can just hang out and play the track loud enough to drown out your singing!


As well as popular Chinese songs, modern KTVs have a large range of English music too – everything from ABBA to Taylor Swift!

I have to say that despite my absolutely atrocious singing skills, it was really good fun – a great evening getting to know new friends or, for those heading out to the many clubs in Shanghai, the perfect pre-drinks. If you’re new in a city and want to try it out, just ask a taxi driver to take you to “KTV” or “Ka-La-OK”, there are literally hundreds in all major Chinese cities.


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