The Chaotian Palace in Nanjing is home to the Nanjing Municipal Museum (although to be honest, this part is quite small and all in Chinese). However, the main attraction are the old, very Chinese-style buildings. During the Ming Dynasty, this was built as an Imperial Palace, and since then it has also housed the Imperial Central University before becoming a museum.

The entrance to the complex is in itself very impressive, consisting of a grand, multi-layered gate guarded by stone lions.


Walking up the steps and through to the main courtyard, you are greeted by a large statue of Confucius, considered to be one of the greatest philosophers and teachers in China. Many Chinese morals and cultural beliefs are derived from his teachings – for example the importance of family relationships, respect for one’s ancestors, and proper behaviour for every situation.


Walking past the statue, I then enjoyed walking around the courtyard and through to the next. It takes a bit of exploring to find the actual museum (tip: stick to the left), and also further into the palace there are some lovely garden areas.


Ticket: 20 RMB


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