At over 600 years old, this gate is a pretty impressive sight. It is actually a series of four gates which formed the main route through the Ming dynasty city wall – this set-up providing greater protection from enemies. On top, several wooden buildings allowed soldiers to keep watch and throw missiles down onto any attackers. These are long gone, but there is still a display of some old-style catapults on the top.

At night, the structure is all lit up with pretty lights, which helps to add a mysterious atmosphere to the sight!


Visitors to the city wall are able to not only admire it’s impressive structure, but also climb up on top, where you can wander along a short section of the city wall too.


I’m not entirely sure what these flags are about (they all say 明 on them, which just means “bright”, although it is also the name of the dynasty ruling at the time), but they do add some nice colour! There were also some cute Chinese lanterns around, which helped add to the atmosphere.


Ticket: 50 RMB


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