From the Jiming Temple, I walked along a section of the old city wall. This wall originally circled the whole city, both protecting and containing it’s inhabitants. Originally built during the Tang Dynasty, most parts were rebuilt during the Ming Dynasty and still remain today.

This section of the wall is particularly unique in that you can start from the Jiming Temple and walk along it for a good half an hour or so southwards. In this way, you can enjoy a lovely stroll with views over the Xuanwu Lake without having to backtrack after a while to get down from the wall.

Starting from the Jiming Temple, I passed some interesting sights en route. First, I passed a huge olympics logo, dating back to the 2014 Summer Youth Olympics which were held in the city.


Next up, there are a collection of mock catapults and similar items – great for entertaining small kids and getting an idea of how the wall would have been used to defend the city.


After this, the wall meanders alongside the beautiful Xuanwu Lake. However, I would say that this lake does look like it has become rather touristy in places, with what looked like a small theme park and loads of visitors milling around. Although my original plan had been to visit the lake, I decided I’d been able to admire enough of its beauty from the wall!


I made a rather fascinating discovery completely by chance, when I wandered down some steps (thinking it was the route out) and walked into an incredible mini library/ study! I have literally no idea what it was doing in such an odd place, but it was a rather exciting find!


Continuing with my walk along the wall, next I passed an interesting small temple, similar in style to the Jiming Temple although a lot smaller in size. Unfortunately there was no route off the wall to explore it, but I managed to get a quick photo from above:


Around 10 minutes later, I finally came across the steps down – quite a relief as I was starting to get worried they didn’t exist! If you’re visiting Nanjing and want to check out the old city wall, this is a fantastic section to walk along – lovely views, a good walk, and literally no-one else there!


2 thoughts on “Nanjing – City Wall Walk

  1. I was surprised how few people I saw on the wall actually, it was a really lovely walk! I guess one of the less well known spots in Nanjing perhaps? I think I saw at most three people, all locals!


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