I’ve visited several Confucius Temples in China, for example one just the other week in Suzhou. These are primarily centres of learning and reverence to the famous Chinese teacher and scholar Confucius.

The Confucius Temple in Nanjing is definitely one of my favourites, in terms of the traditional architecture, layout and colours. As usual, a large statue of Confucius himself dominates the entrance.


All around, there are people burning incense and candles – a traditional way of showing respect to ancestors.


I also really loved the abundance of bright colours all around – for example these vibrant red ribbons tied to the trees for luck. People write on the apples and ribbons their wishes (often relating to their studies or exams), in the hope that good fortune will shine upon them.


I was also interested to see the prominently displayed drums and a huge bell – not something I’ve noticed so much in similar temples elsewhere in China.

Inside the temple itself, the room is dominated by a large picture of Confucius, surrounded by various hangings, smaller statues and paraphernalia.


Overall, a really bright, cheerful and cultural temple to visit in Nanjing – definitely one of my favourite sights here. It is also right on the Fuzimiao cultural street which is a lovely place to visit to soak up the bustling atmosphere, enjoy local snacks and stroll along the river.



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