After visiting Sun Yat-Sen’s mausoleum, I then took the shuttle bus (10 RMB) to another attraction on Purple Mountain – the Linggu Temple.

I really enjoyed the peaceful, relaxed atmosphere in this section of the mountain – which not only contains the temple itself but also several other small attractions in a large forested park.


I started walking along the main path through the park, which meandered peacefully between the trees. On the way, it passes through the Archway of the National Cemetery of KIAs – which I have to admit I still have no idea what it means…


The first major building I came across was the beamless hall, which (as the name suggests) is built entirely from bricks, without beams. As well as being impressive for this engineering feat, inside there is also a small exhibition of clothing and famous people of the time.


This was followed by the temple itself, which to be honest is quite similar to many other buddhist temples in China. It did feel surprisingly quiet though, which was relaxing but not very atmospheric. Usually these temples are filled with people burning incense and praying.



A loooong hike later bought me to the Linggu Pagoda, by which point I was pretty exhausted! I did manage to climb up inside all the way to the top though, where there was a rather impressive view over the countryside.

All in all, a lot of walking but some lovely sights to see! Not sure I would list the Linggu Temple as a must-see though, instead I do kind of wish I’d opted to visit the Xiaoling Mausoleum or Toutuo Ridge Scenic Area, both of which are also located nearby.

Ticket: 35 RMB


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