Sun Yat-Sen was the revolutionary leader who bought down the Qing Dynasty, ending forever the feudal monarchy system of China. This mausoleum is not only his tomb, but also a celebration of the many struggles and achievements of his life.

Probably the main feature tourists will notice is the sheer number of steps you are required to climb in order to reach the main hall! I have to admit I struggled like an old women climbing in the heat, while all around energetic young kids just leapt up like it was no effort at all!


I have to say, the tomb itself was a little underwhelming considering the amount of effort required to reach it – consisting of a small hall within which there is a coffin, a large stone statue, and some carved plaques telling the story of Sun Yat-Sen’s life.


That being said, it was worth the climb for the impressive views over the Purple Mountain area and the city beyond. While the fog is probably a consequence of the poor air quality in Nanjing at the moment, I’m going to go with calling it a mysterious morning mist adding to the serene atmosphere…


While the mausoleum itself wasn’t all that exciting if you aren’t a huge history buff, this is one of those must-see places in Nanjing and the view/ feeling of achievement upon reaching the summit is worth it!


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