After spending an enjoyable afternoon visiting a park and cafe street, my roommate and I decided we would explore the culinary delights of central Shanghai. We hopped on the metro to West Nanjing Road where many restaurants and small eateries are.

West Nanjing Road

After a bit of exploring, we settled on a small sushi restaurant. This was my first time eating “proper” sushi and it was really good, although it has to be said that the portion sizes were pretty small.

The sharer platter

We started off by ordering a sharer platter with a range of different types of sushi, which disappeared pretty quickly! They also had an ingenious rotating plate system where you could pick additional plates each with a couple of sushi pieces on. The colour of the plates indicated the price, and at the end they added up how many plates we had of each colour in order to calculate the bill. Definitely a hassle-free way of ordering food!

The chefs prepared the different sushi right in front of us (this photo was taken from my seat!) and all around them is the rotating row of plates

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