This lovely park in Beijing is a lot more than just a patch of grass and some trees to wander around – it’s a whole experience in Chinese culture by itself! There are so many local people dancing, singing and exercising in the many paved areas around the park, as well as some lovely pagodas to sit in and admire the view.

I only had a short half an hour to run through the park and see the highlights but I would really recommend in particular visiting the pagodas on the hill overlooking the Forbidden City – mostly for the stunning view over Beijing.


If I had known there was so much else to see in the park though I would definitely have allowed more time in my schedule – looking at the maps there were several other interesting sights and you could probably spend several hours here or more. Perhaps bring a picnic and make a day of it!

Entrance fee: 10 RMB


5 thoughts on “Beijing – Jingshan Park

    1. Really! I had to pay a small fee to get in (summer 2016), although I think it was half price for students etc. That’s for access for the whole park though (which is huge), perhaps you were able to climb the hill in front for free?

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      1. Ah, I guess that bit was outside the paid section of the park 🙂 The park is lovely to stroll around, although to be honest the best bit is the views over the forbidden city which you saw anyway!

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