After spending the night at the Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes, we continued on in our rickety van to the Khustai National Park, famous for it’s wild horses.


The national park itself is huge, and we didn’t have time to explore it all. Instead, we drove through to a popular walking spot and set off to find the horses. The undulating hills were beautiful, although surprisingly exhausting to climb in the heat!


Along the way, I spotted some beautiful wildflowers growing amongst the grass and rocks.


Unfortunately, despite spending a good hour walking, we were unable to spot the famous Khustai wild horses – although after returning to the entrance we found a pack actually just outside the park. I’m not sure they are the same protected horse species though, but still very pretty.


After our couple of hours at Khustai National Park, we continued on our journey to Terelj National Park – a rather rough ride over unmarked grassland. Here we stayed in a tourist ger camp among the famous rock formations.



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