Located a short drive from Ulaanbaatar, the Chinggis Khan statue is one of the most famous landmarks of Mongolia. We paid a short visit on the way back to the capital at the end of a three day tour of the nearby national parks.


The first thing we noticed was just how HUGE it is – standing on top of a two story building and looking over the spectacular landscape.


Inside the building is a small museum and several gift shops. The museum houses some interesting curiosities – for example the worlds largest leather boot, and a whip supposedly belonging to Genghis Khan himself.


There was also a small section on Mongolian culture, where you could explore a Mongolian ger and see up close some traditional instruments – just like those played during the performance of traditional music and dance I attended in Ulaanbaatar.IMG_8852.JPGIMG_8854.JPG

Finally, we took the lift (yes, there is an actual lift inside the statue!) up to the podium on top of the horses head, from where we had incredible views over the landscape as well as an up close look at Genghis Khan’s stern face.IMG_8859.JPG

Sadly we only had a short time here before we had to head back to Ulaanbaatar for the end of the tour, it would have been nice to explore the area nearby.



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