Trinity College Science Society regularly organised talks and science themed events for anyone (including non-students) to attend, usually for free.

Today I went along to one of their more relaxed events – a film night to watch “the man who knew infinity”, a film about the famous mathematician S Ramanujan – who was in fact a fellow of Trinity College.

The film was very interesting and enjoyable to watch, describing how Ramanujan travelled from his humble origins in India to Cambridge in order to study at Cambridge. Despite having no formal teaching in advanced mathematics, he had developed some truly revolutionary theories – the challenge was learning to rigorously prove them for publication. The film not only described the academic side of his life but also the personal challenges he faced, leaving his family behind and challenging tradition to become the first Indian fellow of the Royal Society.

Despite a few technical difficulties at the start, it was a very enjoyable evening – the only regret being I turned up too late to taste the free snacks before the film!


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