In the summer following my first year at Cambridge University, I spent three weeks in Shanghai attending the SUFE summer school as part a SUFE-Cambridge exchange program. Approximately 20 students from Cambridge took part in the program, which combined economics and business classes with language and culture studies. If you are interested in learning more about the program and/ or applying, you can visit their website here, or drop me a message.



  • Duration: 3 weeks (15 hours/ week)
  • Location: Shanghai
  • Cost: free (scholarship), contact them for costs if you don’t attend a partner university
  • Subjects: economics, business, real estate finance, Chinese language, Chinese culture
    • Cultural trips around Shanghai and nearby towns
    • Visits to companies and the Shanghai Free Trade Zone
    • 3 SUFE credits (some universities may accept these as transfer credits)



  • Great opportunity to experience studying abroad in China for a short-term program in order to decide if going there for a longer program would interest you
  • Scholarship covered all tuition and accommodation costs, and a travel grant from Cambridge contributed towards flights/ food/ travel costs
  • Full support was provided from the uni in terms of visas and information on how to get there
  • There was very little homework etc. so we were able to spend most afternoons/ weekends traveling
  • The buddy system linked us up with SUFE students who were super helpful with translating, recommending places to eat/ visit, advising on how to navigate the public transport system, etc.



  • I didn’t actually learn all that many new things that would help me with my degree/ career
  • The accommodation was… OK… No WiFi though and a bit of a trek from the campus :/
  • Not as “international” as advertised – high program cost clearly put off anyone who wasn’t from Cambridge/ SUFE (we were all awarded scholarships)
  • Cambridge doesn’t accept transfer credits


I think that summer programs are a fantastic way to experience a new country and travel – although broad programs like this one are less about learning new things than for example a language program might be. I would highly recommend the SUFE summer school to anyone from a  partner university with scholarships available, although I’m not sure I would pay for it (unless your school will accept the transfer credits) since there are many other similar programs in China for free/ more affordable prices.


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