The Badi Palace is definitely one of my highlights of Marrakesh and worth a visit if you love history and exploring old ruins. The palace was built in the late 16th century by Sultan Ahmad al-Mansur but destroyed by the ravages of time after the fall of the Saadians.

The palace itself is very impressive, covering a huge area in central Marrakesh. If you enter a small archway at the back if the main courtyard, you’ll enter yet another wing of the palace – the “summer house” where you can explore some impressive tunnels under the ruins as well as admire the remaining outer walls.

The central courtyard has been quite heavily restored, providing a large paved area to stroll around and some (sadly empty) fountains among the gardens. Also off the main courtyard, a short film showing a simulation of the original palace informs visitors about the history of the ruins.

For an extra 10 Dh you can see the minbar taken from the Koutoubia Mosque but I personally wouldn’t say it was worth it (and you could just sneak a peek through the door anyway…).

Price: 10 Dh


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