This Ming dynasty garden was modelled on those in Suzhou and is probably the most famous in Shanghai. The garden is split into six areas, each with their own atmosphere, style or layout. One continuous theme throughout however is the undulating dragon topped walls and tiles.

I really loved the variety of different spaces in the gardens – from small, intimate corners to larger communal spaces around ponds or grass. It seemed like round every corner you could discover a different clever use of walls or rocks, admire delicate plants, or relax inside one of the many small halls.

Such a lovely peaceful garden in central Shanghai
A beautiful secluded bridge over one of the many water features
Locals and tourists enjoy strolling around the many ponds
An artistically crafted tree
There are many rockeries and small halls to explore

Overall, although often quite busy with tourists, this garden is definitely worth a visit – particularly if you don’t have a chance to visit the famous Chinese gardens of Suzhou. You can easily spend a couple of hours exploring, relaxing in the shade or chatting with friends. However, I would recommend avoiding weekends during the summer or major national holidays to avoid the crowds.

Ticket: 40 RMB


4 thoughts on “Shanghai – Yuyuan Gardens (summer 2016)

  1. whenever I come to Yuyuan garden is wayyyyy to crowded for me -_-; and the photos I take with my camera phone are lost somewhere when it was stolen huhuhuhu.

    I missed Shanghai 😦 someday wanna go back for a summer or winter.


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