We finished our first day in Athens by visiting the Ancient Agora, just North of the Acropolis. 

Getting here involved a lovely walk through some cafes and past a few pretty sights – including the ruins of the Library of Paintainos and some interesting street art.

Once we reached the entrance we spent around an hour exploring the interesting ruins and structures of the Ancient Agora. First we crossed over he remains of the old drainage system, which still helps to carry away rainwater today! 

The , we continued on to visit the famous Temple of Hephaestus – one of the best preserved ancient temples in Athens, despite being dedicated to the god of earth-shaking volcanoes!

After this, we spent some time admiring the detailed carvings on several columns and capitals spread around the gardens and remains of the Temples of Apollo Patroos and Ares.

Towards the south of the site, we explored the pretty Byzantine Church of the Holy Apostles, which was not only attractive from the outside but also contained some well-preserved frescoes and iconostasis inside. 

Finally, we explored the small museum inside the Stoa – a collection of pots, sculptures and artwork from around the site. 


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