Visiting the Roman Agora has to be one of my highlights of Athens so far. The site is centred around a huge open courtyard, where once market stalls may have stood. All around this area there are the remains of everything from temples to the public latrines! As with the nearby Library of Hadrian, we were allowed to clamber over many of the structures and really explore the area.

The impressive Gate of Athena Archegetis forms the entrance to the Roman Agora and has been partially restored to allow visitors a sense of the grandeur of this place.

Just through these gates stood the public latrines (front of the photo above), although much has to be imagined as the original structure has been almost completely destroyed.

Walking further inside, we came across a couple of cute cats playing in the centre of the courtyard, surrounded by columns on all sides.

To the south of the courtyard are the remains of a fountain, where once the public could refresh themselves from the summer heat with a cool drink.

Finally, at the far eastern end of he courtyard stands the Tower of the Winds.

Being able to explore the site thoroughly and having it almost completely to ourselves really made this a great sight for me in Athens. 


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