Every hour at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Athens, the guard changes. While most of the time this is a straightforward affair, every Sunday at 11am they put on a more official/ tourist-y spectacle.

I just got there in time to see the guards and marching band coming down the Main Street in front of Parliament. Not realising it was quite so popular I didn’t get the best view, but still it was great to soak up the atmosphere.

Once they had assembled on the square, the police waved forward those of us watching from across the street (most of whom had already inched their way half way across). There was a bit of a mad scramble as everyone tried to get the best view, then the three new guards marched forward and replaced those whose shift was over. 

One of the most interesting observations I made was the unusual march of the guard – high knees on one leg but a seemingly standard march on the other! They also had some curious tassels and decorations on their uniform which made it very unique compared to similar events I’ve seen elsewhere.

Overall, it lasted around 15 minutes and was definitely worth watching. However, I would recommend getting there around half an hour early to make sure you get a good view.


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