The suburban port of Athens, the main attractions drawing visitors here are the ferries to various Greek islands. However, it’s not an unpleasant place to spend an hour waiting for the ferry.

It’s easiest to get the metro to Piraeus, from where it’s just a two minute walk to the ferry ticket offices and terminal. There are also several public buses, which could be more convenient from some locations.

First, I headed straight for the booking offices (turn right out of the metro, keep walking for about two minutes along the seafront, they’re impossible to miss). I chose to travel with Saronic Ferries, which run to and from Aegina every hour or so and offer a very generous student discount (50% off for Greek students, ERASMUS students or ISIC card holders). 

Since I had just missed the previous departure, I had around an hour to kill and strolled around the area a bit. I started with walking along the seafront by the ferries, enjoying the sparkling water and boats.

Just nearby was this impressive statue.

Next, I headed towards a nearby mini park, passing by this local church.

The park itself consisted of just a couple of benches and some shrubs, but was peaceful enough to relax for a short while. At the other end of the park was another pretty church.

After this refreshing stroll around the area, I headed towards the ferry terminal again for boarding.


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