Meaning Boris’ Garden (after Tsar Boris III), this large park is the oldest and most famous in Sofia. The park is filled with a range of trees and flowers for all to enjoy.

We entered by the Vasil Levsky Stadium, where many major football matches and concerts are held. Further in we also came across a couple of other small stadiums and sports complexes – this is obviously the place to be for sports events! 

Walking along the paths we saw several statues and busts placed around the park, often decorated with flowers.

There was also a small water lilly pond, although sadly it wasn’t the right season to see them in flower.

However, the main attraction of the park for us was the Brothers Mound monument, which is dedicated to the communist movement and the dead of the 1923 September revolt. Apparently under the base of the monument are buried resistance fighters from 1941-1944.

It’s certainly an impressive monument, and set in a lovely park.


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