From the Boyana church, we continued walking uphill and joined the path leading towards the Boyana waterfall. 

The route initially meandered through gentle woodland, but very rapidly became a LOT steeper. At this point there was the choice between the easy or challenging routes, but even the “easy” one was very hard going. I’d really recommend wearing good walking boots. The path was generally enjoyable, no particularly interesting sights as such to see or variety, but some good exercise.

After around an hour of tough walking, we reached a good break point at a rock overlooking the city.

Around half an hour later we reached our final destination – the Boyana waterfall. It seemed like this spot was popular with locals (although somehow we saw hardly any on the path up – they must have come via an alternative route) and there was a primary school group having a picnic nearby. Despite this lack of peace and quiet though, I still really enjoyed the waterfall itself, pouring down between the rocks. 

We even saw some brace climbers with their ropes at the top of the waterfall – not sure I’d be up for that! 

On the way down, we passed by the Boyana lake. This was surprisingly small and not particularly exciting, but I guess if you wanted a quiet picnic or barbequeue spot away from the waterfall crowds it could be a good location.

We also had a few very close missed with daredevil cyclists on the path down, so keep an eye out! In general though the route down was quite relaxed, the path via the lake was a bit more gentle, although by the end my knees were definitely going!

Overall, a great day trip out of Sofia but not for those with mobility issues or pushchairs. To get here, take bus 64 from the south of the city and walk up from behind the Boyana church (see screenshot and photo below).


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