For our first morning in Plovdiv, we headed first for this large garden, conveniently located near our hostel and en route to the main sights.

We started at the main feature of the garden – the singing fountains, which were surprisingly unspectacular. I think if you headed across to the restaurant complex on the other side of the pool area there may have been music to accompany the water show, but all we could see was a large swimming pool like pond with a few small fountains in the centre. It smelt a little too strongly of chlorine for us to hang around long.

Moving on, we enjoyed a leasurely walk amongst the trees along the wide paved paths. Dotted here and there were small busts and monuments, although unfortunately we were unable to identify who or what most were for.

At the northern end of the park, there was a small foundation courtyard area – lovely for a quick rest break.

Overall, not a bad park to stroll through en route to the main sights but nothing too exciting worth going out of the way for.


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