First built on in the pre-Roman era, this hilltop contains the ruins of a ancient settlement with spectacular views over the city. The remains of Bronze and Iron Age ritual pits and alters found here indicate that Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in the world, with over 2600 years of history. These are now exhibited in the nearby Archeological museum, which unfortunately we ran out of time to visit.

The city is best known by its Thracian/ Roman names of Pulpudeva/ Philippopolis, while the name Nebet Tepe (of the watchtower on this particular hill) is Turkish in origin, meaning Guard’s Hill.

It is free to climb up and explore the ruins on top of this hill, although unfortunately there is very little information available about the history of the site.

It appears to be pretty popular with local youths and families as a spot to hang out and enjoy the spectacular view. 

While we would have loved a little more information to help us interpret the remains, it was nice to be able to climb all over the ruins and explore.

This was a lovely spot to relax and enjoy the ancient city, definitely worth the hike up he hill!


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