Built in 1985 to celebrate 800 years after the rebellion of Asen and Peter, this monument dominates the landscape. Most of the old town curves around this bend of the river, focusing in on this particular spot – in fact, we had a great view from the restaurant where we stopped for dinner.

The monument itself consists of a huge sword pointing upwards, apparently to symbolise the might of medieval Bulgaria. Around the edges stand statues of Asen, Peter, Kaloyan and Ivan Asen.

Right behind the monument is a small art gallery and a restaurant/bar. Since we visited in the early evening the former was closed, while the latter was overflowing already with merry visitors.

From the monument, we continued walking eastwards up the Sveta Gora Hill. This essentially involved running up endless steps which just kept going… and going… The views of the sunset over the town and of Tsarevets Hill were absolutely spectacular though, definitely worth it!


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