Located just south of Zhengding in Linji Village, this active monastery is notable for its brick Chengling Pagoda. The temple was built during the Eastern Wei Dynasty, with the pagoda a later, Tang Dynasty, addition to serve as a shrine for the monk Linji Yixuan.

At the back of the temple stands the main hall, containing some impressive sculptures of Sakyamuni, 18 golden Luohan (Arhats – those who have reached nirvana or are on the path to enlightenment), Puxian on an elephant, Wenshu riding a lion, and Guanyin.

The pagoda is an elegant structure standing tall above the surrounding walls. It was destroyed and subsequently rebuilt during the Jin Dynasty, remaining until the present day. It's base is known as a Sumeru Pedestal – an octagonal brick structure modelled after the mythical Mount Sumeru. On top, an impressive lotus shaped plinth supports the elaborate ball and spire feature.

I enjoyed spending a good half hour soaking up the atmosphere of this still active temple and admiring the fine details of the pagoda, definitely one of the highlights of my time in Zhengding.


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