Seeking a relaxed stroll on the way back to our hostel, we walked along the banks of the Fen River – the main river passing through Taiyuan.

There is a lovely paved walkway along the banks, giving lovely views of the scenery while simultaneously providing a safe walkway away from the busy road. I love how green Chinese cities tend to be in this way.

The route from the museum to the main bridge took around 20 minutes and included some lovely small park areas. Definitely a nice evening stroll!


2 thoughts on “Fen River Walk

  1. You’ve been busy with the posts yo! LOL I love them though, so keep ’em coming. China looks beautiful. I really like the one you did on Suzhou. There’s something about a moat that I like. It’s one reason I’d like to see Chiang Mai Thailand! Now if only they were filled with crocodiles….lol 🙂

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    1. Haha, busy exploring china all summer so lots to see, hence lots of posts! Thanks 🙂 Suzhou was such a lovely city, I love waterways too! Chiangmai is definitely on my wish list next time I have chance to visit Thailand – sounds like a really great spot 🙂 Haha, not sure I quite agree about the crocodiles lol!


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