My first impression of this place was being overwhelmed by its sheer size. The (admittedly rather brief) look I'd had online implied it was just a single temple with a few famous halls, built and expanded continuously between the Sui and Qing Dynasties… which was true I guess… but more warning about the sheer amount of stuff to see here would have been nice!

Set within a huge temple park area, this complex consists of over 100 structures set among beautiful gardens and ancient trees. Below I've mentioned some of my favourites – bear in mind this is just a tiny glimpse into what was there!

Tang Shuyu Memorial Temple

Tang Tablet

Ancient Cyprus

Rising Sun Cave

Hall of the Holy Mother

Flying Bridge across the Fish Pond

Jinci Academy


As you can see, there is so much to see at the Jinci Temple Complex, personally I'd have preferred to have spent the best part of a day wandering around, relaxing in the lush grounds and admiring the various buildings. The couple of hours we spent was barely enough to see the highlights!


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