This quiet temple in the Changping district of Beijing has to be one of my highlights of China so far.

Arriving from the taxi, we came across the usual grand gated entrance common at Chinese temples.

Once inside, we came across a long path stretching towards the distant mountains. Although most of the buildings seemed to be simple store rooms, there were a few pretty pergolas and walkways to explore.

At the end of the path we reached a beautiful pond surrounded by sweeping willow trees.

Walking around the pond we reached the temple proper, with the usual incense burners in the yard.

Here we came across a really friendly monk who taught us how to burn intense, bow, walk around the Buddha three times and meditate. He was very enthusiastic about sharing his knowledge and allowing us to explore their customs.

While photos aren't usually allowed inside active temples, he very kindly send us a photo of all the monks praying – see below.

Overall, a very special temple not just for its beautiful surroundings and buildings, but also for the incredibly friendly people we met there – to whom we are very grateful for the unique experience.


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