I usually love science museums, recently visiting the one in London for what must be the tenth time. The Beijing Science Museum was for me unfortunately a bit of a let down though, for several reasons.

The museum covers a broad range of topics, with exhibitions on everything from space to green energy. Herein though for me lies my first major problem – having so many broad topics meant none were really explored in depth, instead only a brief overview of them was possible. For a younger audience though I'd guess this was more enjoyable, keeping them interested without too much new information.

My second issue was with the layout of the museum, in that the exhibitions tended to run into each other with no clear boundary and there was no attempt to guide you around a recommended route. This combined with the large crowds when we visited meant that it was very easy to get lost and confused about what you were meant to be looking at.

Finally, there was a definite lack of genuine exhibits – a bit of an issue for a museum. Instead, there were a lot of models, creative artwork and interactive games. Again, this seemed to be to attract a younger audience who would enjoy such bright displays and things to play with, but for adults there wasn't much of substance to actually look at. I did however rather enjoy the space section, which had some great reconstructions of famous Chinese rocket launches.

In conclusion, the Beijing Science Museum would be great for kids, but for anyone over the age of 12 I wouldn't put it on the must-see list.


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