Da Dong Peking Duck Restaurant

I an very much a sightseeing blogger not a food blogger, and have to admit to generally not taking many risks foodwise when travelling (nothing worse than travelers diarrhoea to ruin a holiday...). However, the one big meal out I did treat myself too was visiting a popular Peking Duck restaurant in Beijing. This was … Continue reading Da Dong Peking Duck Restaurant


Beijing Zoo

With a few hours left to kill in Beijing, I headed to the Beijing Zoo - mostly just to see the pandas. While these were adorably cute, overall I wasn't very impressed with the zoo - in particular how the animals were kept. The cages generally seemed far too small for the animals they contained, … Continue reading Beijing Zoo

Beijing Old City Wall

Like many Chinese cities, Beijing was once protected by a city wall. Time and development however have destroyed most of it, but there is a small remaining section in a small park by the Beijing Railway Station. While the park itself is free to wander around and admire the remains of the wall, you can … Continue reading Beijing Old City Wall

Beihai Park

One of the largest parks in Beijing's city centre, Beihai Park is a popular local hangout and tourist spot. It was established in the Jin Dynasty as an Imperial Palace - used for relaxing, handling important government affairs and sacrificing for the emperors.The park surrounds a large lake, on which visitors can explore a small … Continue reading Beihai Park