Hailaer – Cultural Street

This traditional style shopping street in Hailaier features everything from standard western shops to small restaurants and stalls selling local delicacies barbecued on a stick. The vibrant atmosphere and bustle of the street is infectious, and you'll soon find yourself eating mysterious street food and buying tat! While this may not be the cheapest or … Continue reading Hailaer – Cultural Street


Hailaer – World Anti-fascist War Memorial Park

Although the name is a bit of a mouthful, this memorial park is an important site to visit in Hailaer to understand more about the history of the region, in particular of the Japanese invasion of the early 1900s. Outside the park, a display of tanks and soldiers seems mainly there for photo opportunities and … Continue reading Hailaer – World Anti-fascist War Memorial Park

Hailaer – Ewenki Museum

This lovely museum in the southern half of the city is dedicated to the history and culture of local Ewenki people, who are thought to originate from Lake Baikal in Russia before settling near this eastern tip of Inner Mongolia province. The museum includes a huge range of traditional dress, household items and local animals, … Continue reading Hailaer – Ewenki Museum

Hailaer – National Forest Park

This lovely park is set in beautiful forests conveniently just outside of central Hailaer. I was particularly fascinated by the trees (pictured) and how the soil underneath had been gradually eroded away by the weather, leaving leg-like roots exposed above the soil. Probably due to it being very early in the season, we didn't see … Continue reading Hailaer – National Forest Park

Hailaer – Jin Zhang Han Ger Camp

One of the must-see sights in Inner Mongolia is the grasslands, and what better way to visit them than to stay in a traditional ger camp? Gers (or yurts) are traditional Mongolian tents, perfect for the nomadic lifestyle due to their clever design which enables easy set up and dismantling. Their thick outer layer keeps inhabitants … Continue reading Hailaer – Jin Zhang Han Ger Camp

Hailaer – Genghis Khan Square

The Genghis Khan Square, situated in the centre of the city, is a hub of both tourism and shopping. The main focal point is a tall statue of Genghis Khan himself astride a horse, with a paved square surrounding it. While we were visiting, a rollerblading class was taking place in the square - the … Continue reading Hailaer – Genghis Khan Square