Hangzhou – Longjing Tea Village

Just an hour bus ride out of Hangzhou, near the West Lake, there are several quaint little tea villages with absolutely stunning scenery. We visited the most famous village - the Longjing Tea Village - after which the famous Longjing green tea is named. It was a really lovely day trip out of Hangzhou - after about … Continue reading Hangzhou – Longjing Tea Village


Hangzhou – Tomb of General Yue Fei

Located near the West Lake in Hangzhou, this tomb (also known as the Yue Fei Temple) is in honour of the national hero General Yue Fei. For most of his life, he was engaged in war against the Jin Dynasty - helping the Song Dynasty regain lost land and power. However, he was falsely accused … Continue reading Hangzhou – Tomb of General Yue Fei